Bellatrix in Leather Boy From The Box

Tags: Leather   Waterplay   Pubichair   Glove   Cocksucking   Sweat T P   Punching   Buttplug   Handovermouth   Assworship   Pussyworship   Religious   Squirting   Muscles   Burping   Pvc   Transgender   Masturbationinstruction   Corset   Facekicking   Candlewax   Lactating   Unifor

Category: Kinky Fetish


Date: September 8, 2017

When Lady Bellatrix notices you, she lies down on her bed and runs her hands across her PVC boots. She says, "Hello bootlickeraEUR." You are invited to look at her shiny, high-heeled boots. She then stretches her leg straight up in the air and gives you an excellent visual. She tells you that her boots will become your idol and points out where she'll be starting and what the extent of filthy slavery will look like. It suddenly dawns on her that there is actually a slave under her feet. The slave had been locked up in the box for more than two hours in order to make the scene look authentic. HeaEUR(tm), she opens the box and sees that he has filled it to its full capacity. It is clear that he was not content with his time in there. He is instructed to stand up and sit down in front of her. He should tell her what he thinks of her boots. The bitch is put to the work, licking each inch as if he were her chosen one. He spends a lot of time in the stilettos, and she humiliates him with blowjob noises. He is held by the hair, and she guides him up and down until the boots are clean to her satisfaction. The slave is returned to her box, and she leaves with her friends for an evening of fun.

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