Beretta James Submission Round Two, Chaos on the Mats, Berretta is scared of Cheyenne

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Category: Strapon


Date: February 05, 2013

Team YellowCheyenne JewelHt: 5'5"WT: 135lbsSahara Rain HT: 5'4WT: 130Team BlueIsamar GutierrezHt: 5'3" WT: 135lbsBerretta JamesHT: 5'5WT: 120We start round 2 with Berretta and Cheyenne over the mats to begin. The moment the whistle blows, Berretta runs to her corner. Cheyenne is really chilling, powerful and large that Berretta doesn't even think she can take her with all the help of Isamar. She pulls run and a tag that's illegal in our mats. As soon as you label, you have to stay in along with your partner for 45 minutes until you are called by the ref out. We resume with Team Blue Members on the mats with Cheyenne in the middle. Isamar is able to procure a head lock that places Cheyenne in enough agony the ref must call a workout. Energy is warmed and shits about to get REAL!!!!!

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