Between the Lines

Tags: Drool   Oral Sex   Vibrator   Rope Bondage   Caning   Ring Gag   Celebrator   Pogo   Cici Rhodes   2012

Category: BDSM porn


Date: November 21, 2012

Cici Rhodes will have a really day that is good. PD is feeling particularly sadistic right now and he plans to have as much pleasure as possible with this particular woman while he has her in his clutches.The fun begins with a painful situation. Weights are dangled out of her tits and her legs and arms are fastened to a wooden frame. After that the plank slides under her buttocks things get worse to her. She is kept by the ring gag in her mouth . The more she shouts the more the open hole allows her spit dribble. She strives speaking through it all that comes out is nonsense. Laying down seemed like it would be easier but it simply gave access for her most sensitive areas to PD. He starts to work his hands between her thighs and she's helpless to stop him. All she could do is allow out pitiful moans that express the pain of her migraines and also the extreme sexual longing her scenario leaves her with. She knows she should not want what he is doing to her but she can not help herself. PD pulls his cock , ready to make her suck . Rather it is attacked by her . Every lady of her mind produces every time she feels she is driven in to by it she desires him more and her buttocks is fucked by a hook.

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