Bree Olson

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Date: January 01, 1970


I have been quivering in expectation of visiting Bree Olson get Throated!!! She starts off by saying, '' I \ve been a bad girl!! I want to be Throated!! WoW!! I really like the way this chick talks filthy!! Bree is in the perverted state-of-mind as us!! I\m tellin ya... she says almost everything which you\re already thinking!!! We\ve all cum appreciate and to know Bree\s guise that is . She is DAMN That great little body, those round tits, and her obedient manner make her a valuable commodity!!! Why can\t more girls have ways such as that?!? I DO!! The manner Bree jumps on that Cock and instantly pushes it down her throat reminds me how that I harbor \t jammed a prick down my throat in like, 6 HOURS?!!? That\s way too long!! I\m addicted to how I\m powerless I can\t breathe trigger that schlong is holding me down, filling all of the way in my esophagus!!! Then, I gag, shoving against the cock and it becomes rammed back in there cause he\therefore shooting a nut, so making me take the whole load No messy clean-up!!! I\ve That\s exactly what I call a fresh slate!! Who wishes to clean up after a blowjob right. . ?? Creaming my panties,**Neecie**

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