Bryce Evans in Condom Spice Things Up

Tags: Condom   Anal Sex   Blowjob   Big Muscles   Caucasian   Rimming

Category: Licking

From: extrabigdicks

Date: May 31, 2018

Bryce was introduced to Jaxton, a man with a thick fat cock. He told Hans about his love for Hans and invited him over. They are both a bit nervous but Jaxton quickly arrives and they get down to business. They all climb onto the bed together and begin to kiss and grope each other. After the clothes have been removed, Hans and Bryce share JaxtonAs big fat cock. They take turns sucking on it. Bryce moves to HansA’s fat dick, and then sucks Jaxton. Jaxton seduces Bryce while Bryce continues his sex with HansA's throbbing head. Jaxton flips Bryce onto his back, while Hans continues to fuck HansA's throbbing cock. Hans then rides JaxtonAs long shaft, while Jaxton suckers on Bryce. Hans lies down on his stomach while Jaxton kicks and fucks Hans until he has a large load of dirt all over him. Bryce shoots HansA his load and Jaxton finishes by giving Hans his food.

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