Connor Maguire in submission Good Cop - Bad Cop

Tags: Submission   Humiliation   Bondage   Rimming   Rough Sex   Bdsm   Zapper   Anal

Category: Gay

From: boundgods

Date: December 10, 2014

Officer Abel Archer was doing his rounds when he noticed Officer Connor Maguire having a fight with one of his inmates. Officer Archer threatened to expose Officer Maguire, but Officer Maguire quickly grabbed Officer Maguire and threw him into the cell. AbelA's mouth was opened to allow Officer MaguireA’s hard cock into his stomach. HeA's then turned around and had a good fucking. Connor beat his colleague officer with the flogger and torment the studAA's fleshy pecs until heAA's suspended from the staircase. Abel struggled in his bondage while the electric zapper tortured his hole. Officer Maguire then shoved his cock up the studAA's ans again. Officer Archer is finally defeated by Connor after a long pounding. Connor leaves Officer Archer looking smug.

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