Courtney Taylor in Ass Rubbing Old High School Friend

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Category: Kinky Fetish

From: allgirlmassage

Date: December 25, 2011

Annika injured her back when she heard Courtney, a masseuse with special healing abilities, had been helping people. She made an appointment to meet Courtney and set up a time. They were classmates at school, so it turned out that they had been friends. Courtney recalls Annika being a lesbian at high school. She asks Annika if she is still dating women. Annika replies that she used to, but no longer. Courtney begins the massage by rubbing AnnikaAs back, then rolling her over so that her hands are all over AnnikaAs incredible tits. AnnikaA is then rubbed backwards by Courtney. She spreads her legs, and begins to lick her pussy. Annika informs Courtney that she no longer does lesbian stuff. Courtney tells Annika to just look at it as an added bonus. She continues eating her pussy till she cums. Annika gets so mad that she takes CourtneyAs clothes off and continues to lick her pussy till she cums.

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