Darin Silvers in Condom What Are You Doing Here?

Tags: Condom   Facial Hair   Tattoopiercing   Caucasian   Jerking Off

Category: Anal

From: menover30

Date: September 14, 2018

DarinA, Sean Harding's partner in sex is in an exam room waiting for DarinA to arrive. Darin Silvers is equally surprised to find him in there. Sean came to spice up the romance between DarinA and Sean, as well as fulfill his dream of getting sex at work. Darin may not be sure of their intentions at first but they soon start to kiss and groper each other. Sean falls to his knees, and begins sucking DarinA’s hard cock. Darin then starts sucking SeanA's hard cock. After Sean has relaxed, Darin begins to fuck him on the exam table. Darin takes Sean to three different positions, until Sean can't hold it back. Then Darin shoots himself a creamy load of cum. Darin pulls his weight out and lets go.

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