Devilynne in High Heels False Pretenses

Tags: High Heels   Humiliation   Choking   Ass Caning   Smeared Makeup   Electrical Tape Blindfold   Electrical Tape Gag   Belt Bondage   Pussy Clamps   Dragon Tail   Ass Whipping   Nipple Rings   Cloth Gag   Knife Play

Category: Humiliation

From: infernalrestraints

Date: December 8, 2016

Devilynne, a rising starlet, is looking to make it big when she gets in O.T. 's office. He seems to be unsure about her determination, even though she is determined to do the job. According to him, he is able to tell much about a girl by the scent of her pants. Although it seems strange, she waits for him to look away, then removes the panties from her body. Evidently, he is smelling something, so she accepts the job. Devilynne will soon discover that there's no way up. She finds herself tied to the ground with leather straps and surrounded by others who want to touch her. She raises her from her bed and straps her ankles in a hog tied to her neck. Matt Williams then puts a stocking on her head, and attaches a blindfold and an electric tape gag to her eyes. He also ties the stocking around her feet so her head stays up. O.T. O.T. He grabs a cane, beats her feet and puts his legs on her. Then he sticks his tongue in her throat. She is certain she will not be able to move. She does not struggle. Her waiting is complete. will deliver next. He asks her for a dragon tail and then lashes out at her pussy and ass. She is soon crying and weeping all over her body. It's now time to give her a memento. His phone is pulled out and he shows her the video of a drunken man being shoved down her throat. She screams more than the beating. But she can't accept seeing her own body that way. She doesn't have any choice about whether O.T. is for her. she will make it cum.

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