Food No Going Back

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Category: Latin


Date: October 23, 2020

You are kneeling before Mistress T in this POV. She asks, "Are you a sch1ct-eater?" This lifestyle is extreme, and you will never be able to stop once you commit. She continues: aEURoeAlso, when you are doing it, I expect you to be jerk-off and cum while you're doing it. This will allow me to see that you truly love the experience to its core. She is interested in what you need, and how to make sure that you have it every day of your lives. AEURoeImagine you are below me with your mouth open, and your cock really hard. Mistress T wants to know if it has been a dream of you doing this in your mouth, and how many times you have fallen asleep while doing it. You become part of her, she says. Although it might seem difficult initially, you'll soon find yourself eager to see this happen daily and often. It's mine waste. IaEUR(tm).m going to get rid of it. Next, she encourages you by moving so that her gorgeous ass hovers over your face. She then proceeds to take off her pants. You are supposed to be stroking her dick. She revels in her full sex to you, now that she knows you're hard. She tells you, "AEURoeI want to take you far." Her body smells pungent, but nothing is more so than her genitals. You can feel her mouth open and she will tell you to sniff her. Then, a little bit of her fart will escape from your ass. She wants to touch her more to increase the excitement and build anticipation. These desires may make you feel ashamed, but it's the only way to get straight. You will not be able to deny your true self. You will be guided by Mistress T. It will start with licking your dirty sex, followed by licking it right after you use the bathroom and finally the last step. ArenaEUR(tm), she says. As Mistress T hovers above your head with her sex, she orders you to stroke and imagines that you are filling up your mouth. You will be able to show her that you can shoot huge loads, and she'll know when you are up for it the next time.

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