Goddess Ginger in Ball Busting Tessa Crane's Torment

Tags: Ball Busting   Cbt   Caning

Category: Kinky Fetish

From: clubdom

Date: July 15, 2017

Goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger drag their new slave to the brick patio. Before putting her slave to sleep, Goddess Tessa creates an artistic masterpiece on her pale-white ass using her caning skills. She places her property on a table and prepares to cane him leaving red marks across the white canvas. With a few backhanded swipes, Goddess Ginger joins the fray and makes his slave's legs jiggle. Poor slave is unable to sit still while being caned. This makes it even harder for the Goddesses to cane their bitch. Goddess Tessa Crane, Goddess Ginger and their slave have caned them. They are now puzzled as to why Mother Nature would even give these poor slaves balls. He clearly doesn't know what to make of them. After twisting his balls, Goddess Tessa pokes at them with her sharp fingers. The pathetic slave then forgets Goddess CraneA's names. Goddess Crane gets furious at the slave and begins to torture him with cocks and balls. Goddess Tessa Crane kicks the slave repeatedly, then Goddess Ginger asks for assistance training him as she cannot even see him. The pathetic slave is subject to cbt torture by being kicked in the balls and then stomped on until he collapses in pain. Goddess Tessa Crane gives her slave another chance by giving her a huge, black cock to him. Goddess Crane makes him deepthroat his cock, and then get it wet with the slave spit. She is impressed by what Goddess Ginger sees, and she asks for a chance to enslave the slave bitchA with her long cock. The disappointed slave is then bent over by Goddess Tessa Crane, who places her large strapped on cock into his narrow man pussyhole. While rocking back and forth, she ties her slave's strap. Goddess Tessa Crane, Goddess Ginger and Goddess Ginger roast their slave bitsch while wearing their straps. They then leave him on the patio in a humiliating heap.

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