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Date: November 07, 2005

Hey there all you naughty angels, Miss me? Nicely Rudboy and now I have been hanging out all summer he fucks me better and treats me great. A few mouths back I let him go in my place and it's been really fantastic. You know using a live in cock would be a bargain really. I don't think there's been a day that has gone by that we have not had some sort of activity. I'm sucking on his cock that is thick or he is tonguing my twat. There have been a few instances that one of us wasn't in the mood, but we're both so horny that it is not long before we're fucking. Now I'm really hot, I have been thinking about it all day and I left home early this afternoon and have to receive my load of cock and my pussy is dripping wet. I tried to make him and walked over As soon as I walked Rudboy slept on the couch but he was like a light. If that didn't wake him up nothing would, I took his hands and began rubbing it in my pussy , I knew. He woke up and began kissing me and rubbing against my ass. I lifted up his shirt and he sat up and began sucking and licking his nipples. He reached over and rubbed my tits then he began sucking and licking all of them over, licking his tongue and pulled down my top. I stood up and he started rubbing against my leg down and up I then got down on my knees and he rubbed against my body all over, squeezing and rubbing my bum and tits. I got up on the sofa and spread my legs nasty Rudboy began sucking on my tits and pulling and tugging on my nipples hard. He'd worked his way down kissing the inside of the soft thigh he pulled on my underwear and began fingering my horny pink hole and licking my twat before slipping his hands inside. He flicked his tongue along my swelling clit and slid his finger in and out of my cunt as I played with my tits, rubbing and squeezing them equally. Rudboy spread my pussy wide open started licking me from the floor up he slid his hands back inside place my hole over and over again. He stripped me and then went right back into fingering my twat, my pussy was hot and starting to get all wet. I reached down and started massaging my clit as Rudboy continued fingering my hole that was and started playing with my tits. I took his shirt off and sat up, I started licking and sucking on his nipples and kissing him all over his chest. He pulled his cock out and unfastened his pants, it was hard, long big and growing quickly, I started bobbing my head and slipped it, as nasty as I could sucking and slurping from his nut sack up. I kept his cock in my hand flicking my pierced tongue across his puffiness crown then I started jerking and sucking on him down and up again. Rudboy took off his pants and I slipped his cock back into my mouth licking on advertising because I fondled his huge round balls, sucking off him. Rudboy grabbed my leg and I put on the sofa and pulled up it then he slipped his hard cock into my sexy puss and started sliding it in and out as he played with my titty. I reached down and his long cock slid from my twat and then spread my pussy before sitting up, fingering my pink clit round and round and reslicked his prick. I received into Doggy and he slipped his cock from behind, he began fucking me he was getting pussy. I reached back and spread my ass wide, because he started going up in me double time, I thick that excited him. He began rubbing against my tits and ended and then he gave my nipple a pinch. I began rubbing my clit up and down as he continued fucking my pussy hard and strong he pulled on his glistening cock from my snatch and sat on the couch. I got on top and he slid his cock right back up in my puss, I reaching down and rubbing my clit up and down as he slid his cock in and out of my juicy twat over and over again. I leaned forward and began bouncing up and down with my hand on my clit the whole time I leaned back and Rudboy began playing with my tits and kissing me, he reached down and began rubbing my pink pearl and then began sucking on my tits. I got up and took a hold of his slick cock and began jerking him down and up I leaned forward and began sucking him off licking, licking, and bobbing my mind as dreadful as I know how. I slurped and jerked on his cock getting him slicked up afterward I got back on top, this time facing him he stuffed his hardened slick cock back in my pussy. He spread my ass wide and began driving his cock into my cunt then I started bouncing up and down as he held my sexy ass. I put on the couch and Rudboy caught my leg and put on his shoulder, opening me up broad. He then started stroking my cunt as I rubbed and fingered my clit around and round and then slipped his cock in my wet pink hole. He slid his hard glistening cock and I reached down and spread my cunt wide. I started until I made myself cum fingering my clit faster and harder, I rubbed my wet twat in the bottom up then reached up and licked my fingers clean. Rudboy stood me over with his long shaft right in my face I started licking his fat crown and stroking and sucking on him up and down. He sat back down on the sofa and I got into Dog grabbing his slicked up jerking and cock and sucking him off as nasty as I knew how. He struck his load off in my mouth and mouth only started dripping out so that I utilized it as a plug in and took his cock, slipping it in my own mouth not wanting to the next fall!

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