Imani Rose

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Date: February 05, 2010

The black mans ways' mistakes almost got fatal. Imanis deep urge to get payback to the brotha that cheated on her with a woman got to a point. She went to Personal Detectivve, Rod Fontana, in hope of having her adulterous boyfriend limping around with two knees. That our Cumbanger had a better idea although she hit home just like him pushing up daisies, that drop. Rather than risking jailtime it would be in her best interest to fuck about with nearly a dozen peckerwoods. Her grin was as wide as the best way to find corn bread "the hood" and we were off to the races. Once we have a gljmpse of her we all understood that married . We went down the line as her throat was becoming filled breathing through her nose. She then bent over and we broke a train on this slit that was black as one-by-one she shot each white dick up her uterus. Her head became white the girl couldnt be more happier and once our balls all emptied. Im sure theres a black girl underneath all that jizz.

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