Izamar Gutierrez Wrestling Welter Weight Season 12 championship Bout

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From: Ultimatesurrender.com

Date: November 20, 2015

We possess the championship to get Welter burden and Lightweight names for season 12 to be published although We're well into season 13. If you're lucky enough to grab out night shows ( typically about the 3rd friday of the month) then you caught this game. Izamar and Kara have wrestled many days and Izamar has been bested by Kara. Izamar has been coaching and she's studied Ariel beat Kara and she believes she's going to take back her title as Welter Weight Champion. Kara destroyed where Izamar was able to get 2 points Izamar at the Summer Vengeance finales. Today Kara's plan would be to have Izamar score 0 points plus have her marked the"0" failure she is. The loser fucked anally after humiliation and if fisted puts her.

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