Jasmine in WaterPlay Skinny Pony made to Continue

Tags: Waterplay   Stockings   Facestanding   Kneeing   Adultbaby   Breathplay   Corporalpunishment   Cropping Flogging Whipping   Socks   Cuckold   Candlewax   Leather   Suspension   Bi Facebusting   Lips   Muscles   Asstomouth   Spanking   Baresoles   Eating Ebony   Footworship  

Category: BDSM


Date: July 14, 2012

Poor Jimmy was ridden until he could no longer carry on in the clip. Mistress Jasmine orders Jimmy to get down on his knees and do some pony riding. He is now firmly in her hands. She gives him nice reins to help control his movements. He kicks her and she puts her weight on his back. As Jimmy tries desperately to please her, she proudly sits on Jimmy. He is beaten, kicked and slapped by her. He collapses, and she orders him to climb up again and transport her. Jimmy was unaware Jasmine could become so dominant and demanding. Jimmy dreads the thought of her coming to his Mimi more often in the future.

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