Jasmine Jae in Body Sliding Teacher's Pest

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Date: August 9, 2019

Small Hands meets Jasmine Jae, a masseuse who will give him a massage. Small HandsA smile lights up when he realizes Jasmine is his high school teacher. Jasmine appears a little embarrassed by Small Hands seeing her, but she sheepishly confesses that she also remembers him. From what she remembers, he was quite shy. He agreed, and was also a little bit overweight, which didn't help his confidence. Jasmine continues to be a teacher, and she gives massages as an additional job because a teacher's salary isn't enough to cover the expenses. Small Hands admitted that he was a huge Jasmine fan. He actually admits that he still has a crush on Jasmine. She politely jokes about it and says she will get another masseuse for him. Although she doesn't believe it is appropriate to massage him, she still recalls him as a young student who was eager to learn. He mentions casually that heAAs no longer young, but in reality, heAs now 21 and all grown college, and everything! harm, no foul! Again, she declines, politely stating that even though she does not know him, her policy is that she won't touch anyone she knows. It can be awkward. He refutes her, saying that although she doesn't really know him she did know him as a student and that she wants to learn more about him. He declines her advances once more. He is furious at his rejections and threatens the school to inform them about her second job, but she refuses to give him NURU massage. Jasmine, who is extremely worried, agrees. Together they get in the shower. She can't help but feel attracted to him, despite her sadness at the situation. He is washed by her, in an attempt to conceal her growing attraction. She slides her body on the table and becomes increasingly sexually charged in the massage room. He eventually gets caught up in the moment and tries to move on to the next stage. Jasmine still has reservations. Is he really trustworthy? He assures her that he tried his best, but heAs been wanting this since forever and isnAt about to let it go. He smiles and she lowers her jaw to kiss his cheeks. It looks like Small Hands doesn't seem shy at all!

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