Jessica Fox in Role Play A Morning With Jessica Fox: Slave Marcelo Serves A Goddess

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Category: Shemale

From: tsseduction

Date: February 19, 2019

Jessica Fox awakes in soft morning sunlight looking radiant. She wakes up in sheer pink stockings and high heels and dresses her slave. As she goes to the bathroom, her slave holds onto her towel and soap. The slave sweeps the floors and holds her phone while she snaps pictures. The animal licks the soles of her feet and suckers on her stocking-clad shoes. The beautiful, long-legged creature trails down her legs to kiss her Goddess arse. With its greedy slave tongue, it worships Jessica's cock and her asshole. Jessica bends the cock over her couch, and it lets out a squeal as she fucks. The pleasure is that it bounces on Jessica's gorgeous, hard cock. It is fucked by her wet cock and she gives it a hard beat. It is engulfed in bliss and consumes its entire slave cum. Jessica doesn't want to let this slave go. Its legs are raised in the air, and she continues to stretch its narrow hole. While she is having it kiss her, she laces her Goddess load over her stupid face. After she finishes her work, she leaves her slave to clean up all the mess.

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