Kristofer Weston in Hood Mr. Kristofer's Ashtray

Tags: Hood   Boot   Rope Bondage   Oral Sex   Smoking   Bondage

Category: Cumshot

From: kinkybitesmen

Date: September 10, 2020

Leather Daddy KristoferWeston finds nothing better than relaxing with a good cigar and his Dolan Wolf ashtray. Dolan is gagged and hooded. Kristofer is rubbing his nipples. He murmures. Dolan soon finds himself tied and dependent on his father. Kristofer has a great time playing with Dolan and clamps his nipples before reaching for the cigar. Dolan is propped up by Kristofer and he lights his cigar. DolanA puts the ashes in his mouth, and he holds DolanAs burning tip close to DolanAs delicate nipples. DolanA takes off DolanAs hood to see DolanAs eyes. Dolan then tries his hardest to get his gag on. Krisofer then straddles DolanA and blows all his loads on DolanA. He is satisfied and returns to his chair.

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