Lauren Phillips in Tattoo The Con-Artist's Surprise

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From: allgirlmassage

Date: July 18, 2016

Scene Skylar MadisonA, a buxom blonde who has finally succumbed to her scheming ways. Because she confided in a businessman that she was interested in working with his company, she finds herself in an elegant Caribbean hotel room. She doesn't intend to partner up with him. Her so-called "partnerA" informs her that they have arranged a surprise for her in her honour. Lauren Phillips knocks on her door shortly after. Lauren starts to strip her of her clothes after explaining that SkylarAs coming in for a massage. Skylar is at loss of words and runs to the toilet to contemplate what she should do next. Skylar let her business partner, knowing that she was a lesbian. She must decide what to do next. Either she will strip down and go wild with the hot lesbian, or she will fly home on her own. Lauren was practically taking off her clothes as she went out for sex. Both women lie down on the massage table. Lauren holds Skylar in her arms as she massages her back with oil. LaurenA moves her hands down SkylarAs back in a matter of seconds, rubbing SkylarAs bootylicious shins. Skylar becomes very upset as they begin to talk about their lesbian adventures. Lauren puts her hands down on Skylar's back and lays on her stomach, massaging her breasts while she straddles her. Skylar feels her pussy get wet as Lauren massages her nipples. Skylar finds herself in the most passionate orgasm when Lauren suggests that SkylarAs tight pussy be tried. Lauren shows Skylar another position that sheA's sure to love, not realizing just how much she wants it. Lauren still on top rubs SkylarAs wet pussy onto hers, so that they can have a lesbian orgasm.

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