Lily in Bikini You're Our Armpit Bitch

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Category: Uniforms


Date: July 6, 2017

On the bed, we open with Goddess Mia (tm) and Princess Lily (tm). Lily said, "It's hot out today, so I walked all of the way to home." You can also see that the girls have become hot from the heat. She realizes that she's really smelly when she raises her arm. They start to smell each other's armpits. Lily giggles. The girls then turn their attention to you, calling you dirty and saying dirty slaves shouldn't lick dirt. They now have all four arms in the air, and tell you to come in closer and start licking. You'll get super close shots of all four of your armpits. As a slave would expect, the ladies will both praise and punish you. If you don't succeed, Lily will whip you as hard as you can. Mia tells Lily then to climb up on her, so their armpits match. You can move your tongue from one pit into the next. The camera captures LilyaEUR(tm),s ass. She tells you that you don't have to look at her ass. All four of her arms move backwards as Lily turns to face the camera. After one long bite of each pit, they will be done. Your Goddesses will remain on your tongue for the rest of the day, even if you move to another room. Lily tells you that she has four to five girlfriends who will come over tomorrow. You'll be salivating too.

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