Mandy the minx inspires..

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Date: October 22, 2010

Can you marry a gorgeous busty girl if she insisted you let her to fuck another man once? Well, I guess I am a kinkster that is total, because I'd need to say Yes I would. Well. . .maybe just in dream, because a reality may be a lot to consume! This really is the strange daydream that popped in my head as I checked out the photographs of Mandy Dee with David Perry!But WHAT a dream! During the magic of those pictures, I detected Mandy wait to get a massage and then saw masseur David get detoured out of licking at her pussy and rubbing oil onto her again to sucking on and squeezing her tits. She gave him some part-time on her nips but switched to feeding his dick for tonight, while still looking at me with her eyes. Suck on her nipples while she enjoyed herself and I wanted to leap in so maybe she'd stroke my neck like she tickles if he was nursing on her stand, Dave's. Dave covered all the bases with Mandy, until fucking her from behind even licking at her feet. Whilst feeding her jugs into his hungry lips she climbed along with Dave and silenced his dick. Yeah, I could live with a wife who did things. . .as I as I knew I was her number one. . .and so long as she did not mind me coming as near as the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco , to watch at detailed closeups every long suck of Mandy's lips while her 34DD melons sway back and forth! Yes, it would be married bliss of a really kinky kind to see Mandy Dee receiving Dave Perry's load all over her mouth and mouth till it drips and shimmers together her boobies. . .and afterward, like a hubby that is good, to do my very best to earn wifey all clean . Whew. Lemme say it again

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