Miley May in slim The Dark Corner Saloon: Miley May Taken, Tied Up, and Tormented

Tags: Slim   Fingering   Blonde   Suspension   Vibrator   Handler   Humiliation   Crop   Straight   Submission   Corporal Punishment   Natural Boobs   Hitachi

Category: Alt Porn

From: hogtied

Date: April 22, 2020

ItA's final call at The Dark Corner Saloon. Miley May, bartender, gets up from his long night. Miley May finds one creepy customer still sitting in his chair. He is wearing a mechanicA's mask and coveralls. Miley approaches the man with caution, and informs him that he must go. He immediately gets up and grabs Miley's neck. In his most creepy voice, he tells Miley that she will be fine if she follows all of his instructions. He puts her on the bar table, and then rips her clothes. He secures the zip-ties around her legs and arms with black zip-ties. He makes her look at him while filling her tummy with empty bottles of wine. He then gives her a leather crop, and repeatedly hits her pussy with it. Miley is shocked when the creepy guy inserts a large dildo in her pussy after she has taken a beating using the crop. He takes out the zip-ties, tells Miley to get up and walks her to the bar. Then he places her head on the top and lifts her off the ground. Her legs and hands are tied behind her back. She has her mouth covered in duct tape. He raises Miley's hips and spanks her sexy. The next scene shows Miley lying on her stomach, tied in rope and her arms behind her back. He slowly climbs up on her, and then zaps her with electric shocks. The leather flogger hits her once more and he unties her rope right at her feet. He tells her to turn over on her back, and she is instructed to spread her legs. His big dildo again fucks her and presses a Hitachi vibrator against the clit. He wraps a rope around her neck and suspends her with a ballgag. He continues to fuck her with his ingenious dildo until her stomach is full and she gives up.

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