Rosalyn Sphinx in Flogging Fresh Meat: Rosalyn Sphinx

Tags: Flogging   The Pope   Petite   Cattle Prod   Bdsm   Bondage   Metal Bondage   Gag   Submission

Category: Fisting

From: devicebondage

Date: May 16, 2019

Rosalyn, a young and petite slut who wants to learn bondage. After watching porn, she was intrigued and decided to give bondage a go. She is taken in by the Pope for Device Bondage. It's a great way to learn if itA's right. After fitting her, he places her into the first device. This puts her on her back with her arms extended outwards. The Pope enters, puts a gag into her mouth, and we feel the beginning signs of nervousness. To hide her anxiety, she giggles and the Pope can see that. She is forced to endure nipple clamps and some more flogging before being pulled into an unimaginable predicament. Her pussy has been drained by non-stop orgasms, and she's now completely helpless. The next scene begins with Rosalyn in a wooden chair that has custom-made devices to keep her legs open. Our little girl is introduced to electrical play by the Pope. The cattle prod is introduced to her for more pain. Her submissive, nervous giggles have begun to show through. The zapper and vibe are back for more punishing pleasure. In the final scene, she is on the ground spread out eagle with her feet locked into steel shackles. RosalynA is ticklish, and the Pope discovers this weakness. He alternates tickling and controlling RosalynA's breathing. It's the end and now it is time for this hottie to go back to her.

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