Skylar in Lips Punished Ass Licker

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Category: Panty


Date: June 19, 2017

The chastised slave is being held by Sexy Princess Skylar, who has him tied to the bench. She then starts cropping his legs, feet and ass. Poor thing is crying and Skylar reminds him to keep the chastity belt on at least for another month. The marks that she leaves are so much fun, she tries to make a pattern on his legs and underarms. She eventually decides that she is tired of all this and wants to lie down. The slave is told she would like him to kiss her genitals as she sleeps. "AEURoeI donaEUR (tm),t know why I sleep better when I am licked.aEUR" She lies on her back and says, "AEURoeWhen you wake up, youaEUR(tm).d better still be kissing my assaEUR. He pulls the slave's panties over her side, exposing her little hole in her stomach. Then he presses his tongue into her tongue to taste. She asks him if he wants his Goddess to get a restful night. She tells him yes, and he reminds her that this means she must lick the Goddess even though she is asleep for only three hours. She giggles and says, "Let me know if I fart during my sleep." He is dirty, she tells him. She knows that he loves her farts and body fluids. He should count all her farts, and then give him a number. She hopes he will count more than 10. She then drifts off to the slave who, while on his knees keeps licking his lips and making great close-ups of his mouth, is licking his farts.

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