Tawni Ryden Wrestling The Goddess (12-7)The Shark (0-0)

Tags: Vaginal Penetration   Submission   Lesbian   Lezdom   Strap On   Pussy Eating   Tawni Ryden

Category: Strapon

From: Ultimatesurrender.com

Date: December 19, 2006

Tawni The Shark Ryden got JACKED UP!

The Goddess violates the existing US scoring listing, scoring 870 points. She Receives the Shark to orgasm times onto the mat! But Isis was still not satisfied! She moved on to receive three submissions from this Shark also. But allow us to give credit were credit is due: The Shark never once gave in and she struggled with the identical energy she started but having Isis' fingers jammed in her pussy proved to be her Achilles heel to the finish.

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