Tommy Pistol in Brunet Anal Resolution: Tommy Pistol and Katrina Jade's New Year's Fuck

Tags: Brunet   Bottom   Vaginal Penetration   Kinky   Domination   Latinx   Curvy   Spit   Natural Boobs   Pierced Pussy   Submission   Rough Sex   Humiliation

Category: Domination

From: sexandsubmission

Date: December 27, 2019

Katrina Jade, a single woman, waits at home in a blouse, thongs, and a blouse for Tommy Pistol on New Year's Eve. She gets pissed and fights with him when he returns home. Tommy asks her for another chance, and she almost kicks him out of the house. Tommy ignores the negative vibes and devises a way to win her back. He leads her to remote wooded areas. Katrina is led by him with a necklace around her neck. SheA's only wearing a bra and panties and has a ball-gag. Tommy hits her with the flogger. He kisses her beautiful tits and licks her pussy. Tommy unties SheA and brings her down to her knees. SheA's untied, brought to her knees by Tommy. He then fucked her with his hard cock. He makes her eat his balls and forces her to gulp them. He then uses his spit and finger to fuck her pussy. Tommy then takes her back to his house, and ties him up with rope again. This time, he is standing on one side of the counter. Tommy spanks her and then stuffs his hard cock into her slimy pussy. Tommy turns to her fucking hard. While getting her fucked, she cums several times. Katrina lies on her back, her legs crossed, and tied with rope to a chair made of leather. Tommy fucks her again, then crops her ass. He alternates between fucking her pussy, her stomach and her cums.

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