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Tags: Facial   Flogging   Spanking   Master   Rough Sex   Bondage   Vibrator

Category: Cumshot

From: kinkybites

Date: October 16, 2020

Zoe Sparx, Vixtor Styles’ real-life baby girl is Zoe Sparx. Vixtor and Zoe are a 24/7 BDSM couple. They invite you to their house and very sexy sex lives. Zoe is on her knees, getting collared like other dogs. He sniffs Zoe's crotch and she begs to get attention. Vixtor puts her on the coffee table and suckers her till she's red. She is restrained by Vixtor, who continues to look after her pussy and chest until she gets the vibrator. Zoe then begs her Daddy to get fucked. Zoe begs for fucks like a good girl. Vixtor finally gives Zoe multiple orgasms, before dumping his enormous load on her face.

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